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Get Twice the Advice™

When buying or selling a home

Empowering home buyers to put analysis into action

Getting a great rate, having a streamlined loan process and working with a responsive and diligent Mortgage Advisor are essential when you’re considering a home loan.

At Opes Advisors, we do these and we do them well! Yet, there’s far more to buying or selling a home.

Only Opes Advisors gives you the confidence of Twice the Advice™ – personalized advice on home lending solutions plus a complimentary financial analysis to show you the future impact of buying or selling a home.

Questions that matter to you

  • What home can you really afford to buy? You don’t want to be ‘house-poor’ and you don’t want to buy too little and have to move in a few years.
  • You’re a renter. What’s the best way to figure out if buying even makes sense?
  • How do your current expenses play into the affordability question? And how will your expenses change over the years?
  • Will you still be able to save money for retirement despite your home mortgage, property tax and other home expenses? How much is enough?
  • How much of a down payment should you make vs. how much of a loan should you take?
  • Do private schools come into the picture? If so, should you pay a premium to buy a house in a better public school district?
  • Can you hold on to your current house as a rental property when you buy your new home? And, even if you can, does it make sense?
  • How much of a remodel on your existing home can you really afford to make? How do you judge if it makes sense as an investment vs. simply a lifestyle decision?


Proprietary Technology

Since the original innovation of our proprietary technology called OpesAdvantage™ in 2008, we’ve helped thousands of clients analyze their real estate decisions to see what they can afford with their current lifestyle, as well as the impact on their financial future.


During a 90 minute session, our Real Estate Decision Analyst uses proprietary technology to analyze your situation and show you the future impact of a real estate decision on your net worth. We help you uncover real-life concerns and answer consequential questions that are important to you. Our personalized analysis and advice helps you move forward confidently with one of life’s most important decisions.

How can OpesAdvantage help you?

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Empowering home buyers to put analysis into action

OpesView is the next generation of financial decision modeling technology that allows you to take our financial analysis with you during the home shopping experience and see the outcome of real time adjustments on your mobile device.

How OpesView™ works

  • Qualify. Meet with your Mortgage Advisor for home lending solutions.
  • Analyze. See the future financial impact of different buying scenarios on your family.
  • Shop. Review your affordability on the OpesView app while you shop for a home.
  • Buy. Purchase your house with confidence, knowing it’s the right decision for you.

If you have questions while you’re shopping, OpesView connects you with your Advisor or your Real Estate Agent with one touch.

Why it’s important – now more than ever

Decisions to purchase real estate can completely alter our financial situation and have significant consequences for our future.

Choices around real estate are potentially the most damaging to our future. One hasty decision can produce years of unwanted circumstances. This is why planning at the time of buying or selling real estate is so critical. With our unique offer of mortgage + tech + advice, we can show you there’s much more to consider, in addition to rates and monthly payments.

Investment Advisory services are offered through Opes Wealth Management LLC, a separate company, and not affiliated with Flagstar Bankor Opes Advisors, a Division of Flagstar Bank. Investment advisory accounts are not FDIC insured, and are not deposits or guaranteed by the bank, and may lose value. Past performance is no indication of future results.