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Financing a Home

We’ve all been told that if you shop for the lowest rate and click a few buttons on your computer—it should be easy to get a mortgage. Then why do so many people live with uncertainty about how real estate financing affects their financial future?


The decision to purchase or sell real estate can completely alter your financial situation and have consequences for your future. That’s why financial planning at this time is so critical. Opes Advisors is the only mortgage lender that fuses technology and financial advisors to help you envision your decision in real estate, so you can move forward confidently.

What To Expect From Us

Competitive rates and fees

We don’t tease you with an online rate that doesn’t apply to you. Our Mortgage Advisors get specific about your concerns and find the right mortgage for you.

Conventional and Jumbo mortgage programs

We have an extensive range of mortgage products for refinancing, home purchase, reverse mortgage, home improvement, and more. Click here to learn More about Mortgage programs.

Reputation for closing loans fast

We’re known among real estate agents for closing loans on the dates promised, and as quickly as 14 days (when all parties cooperate). This reputation is critical when you’re in a multiple bid situation.

We now lend in all 50 states!

Mortgage + Tech + Advice

We offer great mortgage rates, products, and service – plus, a view of affordability offered nowhere else.

We’ve developed a proprietary technology called Opes Advantage™ that allows us to model your real estate decisions while you’re qualifying for a mortgage. When combined with advice, you can turn analysis into action.

So you can move forward confidently.


The quality of your retirement years will be determined by the decisions surrounding all of your assets—including your home.


Why it’s important

Our combination of technology plus advice allows you to see your total financial picture, including the impact of today’s real estate decisions, decades into the future.

We’ll provide you with an unprecedented level of detail on your financial future, revealing how all of your assets will support you through retirement and when you’ll need to depend on real estate to cover living expenses.

Investment Advisory services are offered through Opes Wealth Management LLC, a separate company, and not affiliated with Flagstar Bankor Opes Advisors, a Division of Flagstar Bank. Investment advisory accounts are not FDIC insured, and are not deposits or guaranteed by the bank, and may lose value. Past performance is no indication of future results.