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True Fit for Growing Your Business and Career with 6 Clicks

Why We’re Different

If you’re a top mortgage originator or leader considering a change, it’s challenging to separate substance from all the hype. We really want you to look under the hood and evaluate us for true fit. Let’s see if we “click” with you in 6 substantial areas:


Technology Where We Lend Fullfillment Leadership Culture Business Model

It’s important because a true fit with all 6 clicks affects your job satisfaction, ability to grow your business and desire to stay with a company for a long, long time. Having all 6 clicks also leads to more satisfied clients, real estate agents and industry associates. Additionally, when you partner with a company that services the greatest range of business that exists in your marketplace, rather than a limited set of it, you are able to capture more opportunity to grow your business more and create more opportunity for yourself.

Business (Not as Usual)

The combined retail home lending teams of Opes Advisors and Flagstar Bank are positioned to positively impact your opportunity in any market.

One-of-a-kind hybrid banking retail platform
Our hybrid banking retail platform allows you to offer a diverse suite of products and competitive pricing because we’ve combined true mortgage banking with portfolio lending. The unique “flywheel” business model of the fifth largest national bank mortgage originator and a best-of-breed mortgage platform allows for a lower cost of funds and reinvestment in our people, products, pricing and technology.

Lending In All 50 States
As one of our originators, you can close loans in all 50 states under our federal exemption – no state licensing – and at full compensation (not just a referral fee). This allows you to retain the valuable relationships you’ve built with your clients, even if they relocate to other states.


Top 5 Mortgage Bank Originator – Committed to Mortgage
Stability and commitment to retail lending are more important than ever in today’s volatile market. Flagstar’s origins lie in mortgage, dating back to 1987. We are proud of our long term commitment to mortgage in all markets. While others have come and gone, or changed strategies, mortgage continues to be core to our business.



Bank Portfolio Enables Specialty Lending
We offer a complete suite of loan products, so you can qualify more borrowers. Our bank portfolio also empowers you to offer loans for more scenarios, including: zero down payment, one-time-close construction, 50 back-end ratios, interest only, specialty products for tech and other professionals, as well as 1st and 2nd lien HELOCs. We keep our eyes on the future and continuously develop unique new products for niches, creating more opportunities for you and more value for your referral partners and clients.


Twice the Advice™ – A truly different offer that helps you stand out
Only at Opes Advisors, can you offer clients the confidence of Twice The AdviceTM – personalized advice on home lending solutions plus personalized financial analysis to show them the future impact of buying or selling a home. Learn more about our proprietary technology.

What Attracts Our Top Performers

“Being able to be the one stop shop when you approach realtors or business partners is a differentiator.”
“Opes gives me a wonderful toolbox of loan programs.”

-Ben Lerner, Mortgage Advisor, San Luis Obispo, CA
“Response time is great, a couple hours at the most . . . We all know that we have a very special group of people here.”
“Flagstar and Opes are really, really advanced as far as product mix . . . having a portfolio loan for property that’s really out of the box, or income that’s out of the box, is necessary.”

– Alicia Hoare, Mortgage Advisor, Bellevue, WA

“Everyone’s pulling on the same end of the rope, not any bickering or fighting. I think we have the best in the business, truthfully.”
– Ron Penir, Regional Manager, Central Coast, CA


Our culture is who we are and how we do what we do. Together, we create a one-of-a-kind mortgage experience grounded in relationships, nurtured through service, and measured by results. The STAR values – Service, Trust, Accountability and Results – are how we earn the respect and loyalty of our customers, our partners and our team members.

While vision and strategy guide our planning, we believe deeply that how we work together is THE most critical factor to our success. Our ability to trust, communicate and collaborate with each other comes from a real and relentless intent to build relationships every single day, so when you need help from another department --- there is genuine care for you and your concerns.

“It’s based on respect and their capabilities to be able to get stuff done. Reaching somebody is never a problem. It’s a lot of mutual respect, too.” – Ron Penir, Regional Manager, Central Coast, CA



When it comes to closing loans – service matters and we care deeply about you, your clients and your realtor partners. Our entire Operations team is focused on producing satisfied clients, one home at a time. In many markets, we are known for our exceptional service and getting things done:

• Reputation for closing loans in 15 days
• Listing agents prefer our pre-approvals because we’re known for closing on-time
• No loan is too complex for us

“It’s one thing for me as an originator to care about my files and see it through. I love it when other people on the team care just as much that they get it closed and get it done.”
– Ben Lerner, Mortgage Advisor, San Luis Obispo


Our platform centers on an open architecture so that as new tools become available we can evaluate and leverage them to create value and efficiency. Our best-in-class technology puts us ahead of the competition and gives you more control. We’re closing loans 7 days faster with our new client loan application portal.

“ [Our loan application portal] is a godsend. All my clients use it. I send my items list needed. It’s an intuitive questionnaire so it eliminates a lot of the funkiness of the loan application. It allows them to upload their financials, so it’s secure. Once clients submit, it automatically goes into our loan operating system. We open it up, pull credit – the signed authorization is already done. You’re ready to analyze the file. Everything is uploaded in there. Go through it, match guidelines, good to go. That system has been awesome. I love it.”
– Steve Papapietro, Mortgage Advisor, Palo Alto

“We have a great CRM. You can be as actively involves as you want, or set it and forget it. It’ll send out emails, notifications, marketing pieces to your referral partners and clients on a consistent basis. You’d be amazed how often you get back from a realtor, “Wow, that was a great article you sent, Steve. Do you mind if I use it?” It goes on and on, the power of the CRM. It’s been the coolest thing I’ve seen since I’ve been in the business.”
– Steve Papapietro, Mortgage Advisor, Palo Alto

Where we Lend

We’re adding Mortgage Advisors to these existing locations and growing into new markets with capable managers and strong leaders.



We’re led by well-respected industry veterans who anticipate the needs of retail originators like you, and how to create value for your referral partners and clients.

“Everybody is very accessible, a very flat org chart. Everybody is available when you need them.”
– Ron Penir, Regional Manager, Central Coast, CA


Susan McHanSusan McHan
President of Retail Mortgage Division
ScottScott Bristol
National Production Manager, Distributed Retail
Steve Mageras
VP of Capital Markets
Laura RoedelLaura Roedel
VP of Marketing
Lisa Latos
Director of Regional Sales Support

Onboarding Support

Our Sales Support Department is your right arm in a transition to your new work family. They help you acclimate and get up to speed until you know how to do what you need to do. They are your liaison – making introductions and pointing you to your operational partners. They are your concierge – nurturing, training, teaching, and monitoring your business through the manufacturing process. They are your partner in quickly getting you to a place to get comfortable going out to successfully generate new business.

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