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Business Affinity Program | Opes Advisors

Exclusive perks - Give your employees and members more ways home

Help your employees and members purchase a home, refinance, or consolidate debt!

Retaining employees and providing a great work/life balance for team members is crucial for most companies today.  To stay competitive, employee benefit packages need to include more than just health insurance and a 401(k).

Opes Advisors can provide your employees and members with world-class perks such as:

    • Financial advisory services at no cost
    • A dedicated Mortgage Advisor
    • Over 400 mortgage loan programs
    • Personalized financial analysis


Put your employees and members in the driver seat by enrolling in Opes Advisors’ Business Affinity Program today!

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What to expect from us


  1. Only available when applying for a mortgage with Opes Advisors.
  2. Some construction, equity, HELOC and brokered loans may require signatures from offsite location.
  3. Based on study of Opes Advisors purchase loans; comparison of average days from application to closing.