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Press Release | Opes Advisors Named “50 Best Companies to Work For”

Also Claims 23 Spots on Mortgage Executive Magazine’s Two Top Originators Lists

Cupertino, CA (March 24, 2017) – Opes Advisors, a financial advisory firm headquartered in the Silicon Valley and known for innovative mortgage lending, today announced its recognition for a “trifecta” of honors, as it was named by Mortgage Executive Magazine as one of the “50 Best Companies to Work For.” Mortgage Executive Magazine also named 21 of its Mortgage Advisors to its list of “The Nation’s Top 1% of Mortgage Originators,” while two Mortgage Advisors – Ryan Buckholdt, based in the Opes Advisors office in Santa Cruz, California, and Nikki James, based in the Opes Advisors office in Palo Alto – made its list of “The Nation’s Top 200 Mortgage Originators.”


“How we work together is the most critical factor to our success,” said Susan McHan, CEO, Co-Founder and President of Mortgage Bank at Opes Advisors, “so we appreciate the amazing people who build our culture together at Opes Advisors. The best way we can take care of our clients is to first take care of our people, our Mortgage Advisors – and the folks who support them. This honor places us among the top 50 mortgage companies in America, and we are humbled by this recognition.”


McHan was quick to praise the 23 individuals at Opes Advisors for making Mortgage Executive Magazine’s list of top originators in the nation by saying, “We are enormously pleased with the accomplishments of our Mortgage Advisors, who have been recognized for being in the top percentile of all mortgage originators in the U.S.”


“That so many of our people have received this acknowledgement clearly shows a ‘flight to quality’ that Mortgage Executive Magazine cited as a reason top producers have increased their success during a decade when more than 70% of the mortgage competition has disappeared.” McHan added. Opes Advisors’ originators recognized by Mortgage Executive Magazine include:


Ryan Buckholdt | Santa Cruz, CA

Nikki James | Palo Alto, CA

Tracie Southerland | Palo Alto, CA

Ben Lerner | San Luis Obispo, CA

Bill Mott | San Luis Obispo, CA

Marney Solle | Larkspur, CA

Tracy Andreini | Oakland, CA

Justin Arnold | Seattle, WA

Noel McCord | Santa Cruz, CA

Austin Andruss | San Francisco Jackson Square, CA

Bob Casper | Danville, CA

Ted Rossi | Menlo Park, CA

Alicia Hoare | Bellevue, WA

Mike Gallagher | Morgan Hill, CA

Jeff Smith | Marin, CA

Colton Daines | Menlo Park, CA

Kyle Bailey | Bellevue, WA

Phil Boos | Bellevue, WA

Todd Flesner | San Jose Willow Glen, CA

Adam O’Donnell | San Mateo, CA

Kurt Hickam | San Jose Willow Glen, CA

Nolan Solano | Solano and Napa Counties, CA

Emily Bort | Bellevue, Washington | Enumclaw, WA


About the Top Originator Lists

Mortgage Executive Magazine compiled the most comprehensive list of “The Nation’s Top 200 Mortgage Originators” and “The Nation’s Top 1% of Mortgage Originators” as ranked by their total yearly mortgage volume. The minimum eligibility criteria for making the Top 1% list is a total “personal” production of at least $30 million. Both lists exclude loan volume of associate originators or junior originators that earn a commission on the same loan files. Mortgage Executive Magazine states it “seeks to recognize and celebrate the service, dedication, and hard work that leading mortgage originators put into serving their clients.”


About the “50 Best Companies to Work For” List

Mortgage Executive Magazine notes it “conducted the most extensive loan officer survey in corporate America” to create its “50 Best Companies” list. Over 200 mortgage firms and banks participated, with more than 10,000 loan officers surveyed. The survey was limited to licensed loan originators who were presently employed by the companies they were rating. The survey asked the loan originators to rate their company’s culture, loan processing, underwriting, compensation, management, marketing, and technology. The winning selections were based on total loan originator votes or average rating score.


Recently, Susan McHan was recognized for her industry leadership, being named one of the most influential real estate leaders in 2017 by Inman News. Opes Advisors also has been named a “Top Mortgage Employer” by National Mortgage Professional Magazine in 2017, as well as a “Top Mortgage Lender” by Scotsman Guide in 2016.


Founded in 2004, Opes Advisors has grown to become a leading mortgage bank on the West Coast and the 25th largest in the U.S., in retail volume. Its innovative approach is different from that of traditional mortgage lenders; through its proprietary technology, clients get to see the future of owning their new home inside their long term financial concerns. Clients benefit by having the confidence to make effective financial decisions about one of their biggest lifetime purchases—their home.


About Opes Advisors

Opes Advisors has developed the first real estate decision technology to fuse mortgage lending services with financial advice, providing clients with a personal financial model that empowers more effective home buying decisions. As both a leading, full-service mortgage bank and financial advisory firm, the company offers a wide range of competitively-priced mortgage programs, as well as financial planning and investment management from its Wealth Management division. Opes Advisors has 39 locations in California, Oregon, and Washington. Discover more information at