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How the New Tax Law Affects Your HELOC or Second Mortgage

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If you’re a homeowner with a fixed-rate second mortgage or home-equity-line of credit (HELOC) on an existing home, it may not be clear yet how the new “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” will affect you.


The big question is – can you continue to deduct mortgage interest on second mortgages and HELOCs?


Well, it depends on your unique situation and a number of factors:


  • Did you obtain the second loan to purchase, construct or substantially improve your home?
  • Did you get the existing second loan or HELOC prior to December 15, 2017?
  • Are you itemizing your deductions for interest on acquisition indebtedness or applying Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)?
  • Is this second loan on a primary home or another residence you own?


Depending on the answers to these questions, as provided by a tax and/or legal advisors, there might be an opportunity for you to refinance and consolidate an existing second loan or HELOC into a new first mortgage on a home.


I recommend finding out the rates/closing costs you qualify for with a new loan. It’s also important to do the math and check with your tax advisor to see if this option fits your unique situation.


If you’re thinking about refinancing your home, please contact us about mortgage options that will help you achieve your goals.


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