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Back to School

Back to school saving solutions.

It is estimated that most parents spend nearly $650 getting just one child prepared for the upcoming school year. This includes the usual expenses such as school supplies and clothes, but it can also include lesser-known expenses like transportation, even immunizations. This may seem daunting at first, but there are several ways to spend smart and save big when it comes to back-to-school shopping.

Six ways to save on school supplies this year.

Head into the new school year with confidence. Whether your kids head off to a classroom or are having class in a room in your home, here are some ways to save.


Sending your kids back to school shouldn’t derail your savings. Use these tips to get them ready and stay on track.

    • Follow a budget.
      Diligent and disciplined spending are key when it comes to back-to-school shopping. Create a budget with very clear parameters to ensure you keep your spending under control.


    • Wants versus needs.
      Stick to the school supply list. Most schools don’t want kids to have fancy supplies that other kids won’t have. Make sure you consider whether or not the items on the list are requirements or simply suggestions. Name brands are nice, but the generic and store brand school supplies can always get the job done.


    • Use what you have.
      Go through any desk and kitchen drawers to round up supplies you already own. Take a look at last year’s supplies including lunch boxes and backpacks and reuse anything in good condition.


    • Friends and family.
      Ask any siblings, coworkers, or other friends to see if they have any supplies they’re not going to be using. You might be surprised at how many parents have a closet full of things they’d be happy to clean out.


    • Deals and discounts.
      Surprisingly, waiting until the last minute to purchase school supplies can pay off. Most major retailers will hold special sales at the end of the summer, which is a great opportunity to fill up your shopping cart. Also, be sure to research deals online as well as various savings apps for additional discounts.


    • Community initiatives.
      Backpack drives and swap meets are becoming more popular. Check in your area to see what community events are coming up, so you can swap something you don’t need anymore, such as clothing your children have outgrown.


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