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Success Stories

Read real stories of success from people who chose to work with Opes Advisors, from first-time home owners to happy retirees.

Disclaimer: These case studies are provided for illustrative purposes only. No portion of these case studies should be interpreted as a testimonial or endorsement of the company’s investment advisory services and the information contained herein should not be construed as personalized investment advice. All investment opportunities have potential for profit and loss.

Our Stories

Buying a new home

A single woman came to Opes to find a price range for her new home purchase and determine the best way to structure the down payment and financing.  She had important questions about receiving a cash gift from a family member to help with the purchase.  She left our office and was on her way to look at homes in Sonoma.  We helped answer her questions about whether or not to buy a house and the work we did made it very clear that, based on her situation, purchasing a home made good financial sense.


Deciding on a bigger home

A couple in their 30’s was looking to purchase a home below a certain sale price but all the houses they desired were falling in a higher range.  They were concerned about the financial impact a more expensive house would have.  We ran their numbers and showed that this would not jeopardize their financial future and also save them money because they would not live in a transitional home for a short period of time, saving them tens of thousands in commission costs.  They decided to purchase the more expensive house so that they would not have to go through the expense and inconvenience of moving again.

Making big decisions

When we met with a same-sex couple in their 20’s, one was looking at taking a job at a top sports-apparel company.  We talked and worked through the various scenarios with the new income, renting their current property and buying a second home in Portland.  They found the advice and help to be very valuable.  Shortly after the meeting, they purchased a new home in Portland and he took the job.

Relocating to a new area

A single woman met with Opes when she was in the process of moving from Southern California.  She was facing a big decision about whether or not to sell her home there, or rent it out.  She was having difficulty with the decision.  She felt in her gut she should keep it but was very uncertain.  We ran scenarios of keeping the house and renting or selling, which helped her think differently about the financing.  She paid down the principal on the investment property and financed a little more on the primary residence, which provided her lower total interest costs.  She left very settled and confident about her decisions.

Selling a home

A married couple was introduced to Opes by their real estate agent. They were a retired couple in their 70’s and selling the home that they owned free and clear. They no longer needed a large home and were in contract to purchase a smaller home in Half Moon Bay. Before they made the offer, we worked through their numbers to determine how much they can afford while increasing cash flow and what the minimum was that they could accept on the sale of their home.  This was very settling for them to see so that they didn’t walk away from a good offer, even if it was under the listing price.