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Our Santa Rosa office is open and we are available for clients to call or visit us during this challenging time. As a local business connected to our community, we appreciate the opportunity to answer questions and listen to the concerns of our neighbors.
We will all get through this together!

Additional information for those affected:
California’s property tax laws allow the Assessor to adjust assessed values after destruction of real or personal property caused by a calamity or misfortune.
The property must have suffered more than $10,000 worth of damage and the owner must file a claim form with the Assessor within 12 months of the date of the calamity.
Calamities do not include damage that occurs over time such as termite damage, gradual earth movements or vineyard diseases such as phylloxera.
There are slightly different rules that apply depending on whether the damage is caused by a widespread event that results in a Governor’s proclamation of disaster or by a specific misfortune such as flood, fire or landslide.
Revenue & Taxation Code section 170
Check the Sonoma County link below for more information and eligibility details on the tax savings provision.

Branch: Santa Rosa – 1265 North Dutton

1265 North Dutton Avenue

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